Cheer Boxes For School Cheerleaders

16" & 20" Collapsible cheer boxes

 Nice to meet you.

I'm Max. I run a small handyman/woodworking shop and have been building cheer boxes for my high school aged niece and her cheerleader friends in 16x16x16 inches or 20x20x20 inch sizes. These boxes come in natural 3/4" birch plywood. Students can paint them with their own creative design or we can paint them in a solid color. White, navy or black. My niece's coach recommended my boxes to other cheer coaches and here we are. We are located is Chula Vista, California. FYI. We build these upon order. It can take 2-4 weeks so we recommend ordering them ASAP especially if you're ordering several for a cheer group. There are no refunds as these are built to order. If you're local or can pick up, you can save on shipping/packaging costs. Call/text me at 619.370.2609 or email any questions